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"Without CW it`s only CB !!!"


Licenced in 1978

Wedded to XYL Snjezana  



HAM Emphasis on CW, Lowbands, Magic Band, Antenna Construction, QRO, Contesting and DX-Peditions.  

GDXF Administrator and Lifemember INDEXA Lifemember IREF Lifemember EUDXF Lifemember NIAR Lifemember
CDXC Member GMDXG Member NCDXF Member   DARC Member Section G20


July/August 2001 - Cambodia


XU7ABR operation from Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Koh Poas Island (AS-133); a fantastic country.




6.800 qso


(AS-133;  24 h operation)

300 qso


XU7ABR                  XU7ABR on AS-133


Visit CAMBODIA 2001 Webpage Cambodia 2001


August 2002 - Myanmar


International team of 10 operators (AA4NN, DF2IC, DF7KP, DL5OAB, DL8KBJ, IN3QBR, IN3ZNR, YB0US, XW0X). Activities from Yangon and Ngapali at the westcoast, callsigns XY3C (CW), XY5T (SSB), XY7V (Digi) and XY0TA ("AS-NEW" = AS-165; Apawye Kyun Island). About 25.000 qso´s limited through unbelievable monsoon storms and rainfalls.


XY3C / XY5T / XY7V


25.000 qso


(AS-165;  3 day operation)

5.500 qso

XY3C-XY5T-XY7V MYANMAR 2002          XY0TA on AS-165


Visit MYANMAR 2002 Webpage Myanmar 2002


April 2003 - Myanmar


Active as XY4KQ from Yangon, Chaungtha at the westcoast and Thebyu Kyun Island ("AS-NEW" =AS-167). The operation site on the island and the local support was incredible, same for the pile-up!




5800 qso (65% CW, 35 % SSB)


(AS-167;  21 h operation)

1768 qso (60 % CW, 40 % SSB)


XY4KQ on AS-167                  XY4KQ MYANMAR 2003


Visit MYANMAR 2003 Webpage Myanmar 2003


April 2004 - Banaba Island




International team of 18 operators, one of the rare dx-peditions shipping a sea freight container for a completely self-supplying operation, my biggest logistical challenge so far. A 4 week trip including T30C, Tarawa Isl. OC-017, T33C/mm on board MV "Te Taobe" and 3D2KQ on Vitu Levu OC-016. Banaba, the Banabans, I lost my heart to them!



~ 75.000 qso

50.2 % CW   -   44 % SSB   -   5.8 % Digital Modes


T33C BANABA ISl. 2004                   T30C - T33C - T33C/mm - 3D2KQ PACIFIC TRIP 2004


Visit BANABA 2004 Webpage Banaba 2004


April/May & October/November 2005 - India + VU4


Several trips to the great country of India: Delhi, Agra, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Goa, Pt. Blair and Havelock Island (Andaman Islands), International Seminar at Chennai, Visit to NIAR HQ. Great hospitality by Shri Suri (VU2MY) Chairman of NIAR and his family, famous Bharathi (VU2RBI) and her family, Mohan (VU2MYH), S.B.Ram (VU2LIC), Jose (VU2JOS), Sushil (VU2LFA), Sarath (VU3RSB), Paddy (VU2PEP), Shaikh (VU2SDQ), Sunny (VU3SPQ), Das (VU2DH) and many, many more ...

  DL4KQ/VU3FRK Participation Chennai Conference 2005     DL4KQ/VU3FRK visit NIAR Headquarter 2005     DL4KQ/VU3FRK at Antenna Work VU2RBI QTH 2005

DL4KQ/VU3FRK Welcome by Chennai Hams November 2005     DL4KQ/VU3FRK meeting with Harbormaster of A&N, November 2005     DL4KQ/VU3FRK relaxing on VU4, Havelock Isl., A&N, November 2005


India 2005


April 2006 - Andaman Islands




HAMFEST - VU4 - India organized by NIAR due to the restless efforts of Bharathi VU2RBI and S. Suri VU2MY and my most cordial thank to Shri Ajeer Vidya!  Special thanks to Bharathi that I received the #1 permit for foreign operation from VU4 since decades and it was a honor to be the only foreign member of the organizing committee.


Andaman Isl.2006


Visit ANDAMAN 2006 Webpage Andaman 2006

VU7RG January 2007 - Lakshadweep Islands


Participation and co-organisation of VU7 Hamfest DX-Pedition.

Due to the favourable support of the Government of India and the restless NIAR efforts, namely Bharathi VU2RBI, Mohan VU2MY and especially S. Suri VU2MY,  33 foreign Hams had the very unique opportunity to operate from three Lakshadweep Islands against all jealous and non-hamspirit odds. In this connection my salute goes to Shri Ajeer Vidya since he has his heart in the right place!

It is fair to say that this dxpedition did set new standards when finishing with 110.000 QSO´s within less than 10 operation days.


... and nothing else!



" DXPEDITION OF THE YEAR" - by SWODXA at Dayton Hamvention

"DXPEDITION OF THE YEAR 2007" - by GM DX Group at GM DX Convention

  Visit Lakshadweep 2007 Webpage Lakshadweep 2007

AT2RS December 2008 - Nachugunta Isl.

IOTA AS-NEW Operation (Andhra Pradesh South State Group: Nachugunta Isl. = AS-199) by DL4KQ, OM Sara VU3RSB and OM Bapuji VU3KET.

AT2RS ~ 3.500 qso
xx % CW   -   xx % SSB
  Stay Patient India 2008

AT9RS   April 2009 - Grandi Isl.

IOTA AS-NEW Operation (Goa State Group: Grandi Isl. = AS-177) by DL4KQ, YL Yamini VU2YAM, OM Sara VU3RSB, OM Jos VU2JOS, OM  Manji VU2SMS and OM Rony VU2ROE with kind support of NIAR.

AT9RS ~ 3.500 qso
xx % CW   -   xx % SSB


Stay Patient India 2009


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